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An obvious one: the library is quietest first and last thing. At the start of the day there’s always a small queue but front door security are efficient and it moves along fairly quickly.

Free Wi-Fi!

Food & Drink
There are a number of places to eat in the Library, but like many such institutions it can be comparatively expensive (even for London). For lunch there are several places in nearby St. Pancras which may (or may not!) be more budget friendly. There’s always Marks & Spencers Simply Food for cold comestibles and sandwiches etc.

Get a free hot drink with your hot meal at The King’s Library Café by printing off a voucher (see “Food & Drink” link above).

Members of the British Library get 20% discount in the BL cafés, restaurants and shop.

The British Library has a free-to-use cloakroom as well as digital-lock lockers (each must be cleared each day). The cloakroom is closed on Sundays. How to remember which locker you used? Take a photo of it with your phone.

British Library Digital Locker 404.
Take a photo to remember which of the (many) lockers is yours for the day.

Luggage is restricted to “airline carry on” size, specifically 56 (h) x 45 (w) x 25 (d) cm, aka: 22 (h) x 17.7 (w) x 9.8 (d) inches. There is a sizing cage at the front entrance to check if needed (though probably too late by then)!

People have been known to leave luggage at the BL and then head into the city, picking it up later on the way back to King’s Cross station – but that would be naughty (and occupy spaces needed by genuine BL readers) – the reason for the new (2011) size restrictions in the first place.

BL Members’ Tip
Heading to the Members’ Room? Don’t fancy the stairs? Take the lift. Walk along the upper ground floor towards the back and into the Coffee Shop area. See that unassuming lift door? Take it up to Floor 2 and it will deposit you right inside the Members’ Room just a couple of steps away from the bar…

Oh, and as a BL Member you can get a three (rather than one) year Reader Pass and unlimited access (for you and a friend) to all exhibitions!

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