British Museum: Places to Eat

Visiting the BM and feeling peckish? The following video offers some suggestions for places to eat and drink, both inside and outside the Museum. Places beyond the Museum’s walls include (among others)… The Museum Tavern Tea and Tattle London Review Bookshop The Camera Museum Russell Square Russell Square Cabmen’s Shelter The Brunswick Centre

I am Ashurbanipal…

The British Museum exhibition, I am Ashubanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria (8 Nov. 2018 – 24 Feb. 2019) focuses on the BM’s extensive Assyrian collections and on the 7th Century BC warrior/scholar king, Ashurbanipal. Here’s a short video piece looking at just a few small parts of the exhibition. Watch it in […]

Hintze Hall (NHM) 3D Scan

Thomas Flynn took some 900 photos to produce a 3D annotated model of Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum. If you’ve got a suitable headset you can also view this in WebVR. Alternatively, wander though an older version of Hinzte Hall (featuring “Dippy” the dinosaur rather than “Hope” the whale,) via Google Arts & […]